Adopted by a Furry Heart By Alexandra Pauley (Contributing Writer)

As humans, we love to think that we’re at the top of the food chain, and in charge. But let’s face it, when we go to an animal shelter to adopt a pet, it’s not us choosing them. It’s them choosing us. Like children entering a new kindergarten class, we enter the room with high hopes of making friends quickly, only to be snubbed by most.

Then something amazing happens. A furry body comes over to say hello. Maybe they’re tentative, and maybe they’re curious, but when that “click” happens, it’s magic. Your heart swells up as you first touch that precious pelt, feeling warmth below. You know you’ve found new love.

The best part is that this love will last. You won’t hold back part of your heart “just in case”. You’ll give your whole heart, forever. This was meant to last an eternity, and the unconditional love you share, can never be matched.

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