An Invitation From Burton Fletcher: President & Director of the Foundation.

Dear Fellow Community Business Member:

It’s clear that these are challenging times for business, but there is a way to stand out in your industry and community: Be a “Good Corporate Citizen”. How, you ask? Whether you’re an attorney, realtor, funeral home, financial institution, or some other type of business, your image can be improved by associating with an organization dedicated to Animal Welfare, such as the Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc. Our foundation seeks to reduce euthanasia of dogs and cats, puppies, and kittens, by supporting animal welfare organizations.

Because marketing is such a vital function for any business, aligning with the Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals can increase the validity of your public image, while making a difference in the lives of dogs and cats in need. We work with our local Animal Shelter, Humane Society, Animal Welfare organizations, and citizens, as part of our mission to eradicate animal overpopulation, leading to euthanization. We do this by seeking to provide the means to spay and neuter all dogs and cats, despite the owner’s ability to pay. How awesome is that!

Better still, the Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals celebrates furry family members. Our foundation has various contests scheduled throughout the year to promote adoption of rescue animals, including our current “Happy Holidays” themed contest, ending on December 15th. Contest rules for the “Happy Holidays” Dog Photo Contest can be found on our website.

We have a contest in 2022, wherein we will select the winner for “Outstanding Animal Welfare Champion, 2021,” hosted by the Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc., The top three winners will select an Animal Welfare organization, or organizations, to receive their prize money! This is an annual event to encourage folks to volunteer, foster, adopt, and donate to benefit animal welfare. We seek donors and sponsors for this event (especially sponsors who desire positive publicity!) and this event will provide meaningful publicity in return.

Supporting the Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc., enables your organization to merge the goodwill that the public has for animals, with the image of your organization. So, are you ready for a boost in your corporate reputation, and a demonstration that your business is a good corporate citizen within the community? This is your opportunity to receive meaningful publicity and do good at the same time! I would be happy to explore these ideas with you further!

/s/ Burton Fletcher
Prof. Burton Fletcher, J.D., MBA
President, Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc.
Full Professor, Business Administration (Ret.)
Emeritus Attorney, State Bar of Georgia

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