One day you are driving along and come upon an injured animal on the side of the road. You immediately pick up the poor pup or kitty and take it to the nearest veterinarian, only to learn that the cost to treat the animal is more than you can afford.

Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc. has created an Angel Fund for limited emergencies to assist in these rescue situations. Our foundation will accept donations for this fund, and we will not charge for our services.

In such an emergency, the Good Samaritan should call us and alert us to the crisis and then have the veterinarian confer with us at that time.

Please know up front that we are not able to help everyone. Each case will be evaluated at the time of the contact, and financial assistance will be subject to the funds available at the time of the request. 

We are deeply grateful to veterinary science for providing so many treatment advances, but many of these come at a considerable cost. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to help when the treatment costs thousands of dollars.


  • Emergency services must be provided in Lowndes County in the State of Georgia;
  • however, the animal can come from a surrounding county.
    You must be a Good Samaritan who found an injured cat or dog that needs medical attention. We cannot help pet owners, rescue organizations, or those fostering an animal.
  • To be considered for assistance through the Burton Fletcher Foundation Angel Fund, the Good Samaritan should call us from the veterinarian’s office so that we may speak to them. We will need to identify what injury the animal has sustained, the course of treatment, and the cost.
  • We do not provide financial assistance for vaccinations, routine care, grooming, or kenneling.
  • The maximum amount that we will pay for an injured animal will be $500.00, subject to the funds available at the time of the emergency.
  • At no time will we cover the cost of the entire procedure.
  • We do not assist if the animal’s treatment has been completed, if the bill has already been paid and you are seeking reimbursement or if the animal has been released from the veterinarian.
  • Due to the limited funds we have available, if we do not have financial resources at the time of need, we will not be able to provide financial assistance. Conversely, in all situations, we are willing to post the need for financial aid on our Facebook page to engage the animal rescue community to provide financial assistance.
  • The veterinarian must agree to accept a verbal financial pledge from us or bill us at the time of intake and before emergency services are provided.
  • We do not endorse, recommend or promote any one veterinarian over another. The ultimate decision and agreement to retain the veterinarian’s services is the Good Samaritan’s sole responsibility.


  • To contribute to our Angel Fund, visit our website at:
  • We invite the community to donate to our Angel’s Fund online or through the U.S. postal authorities. Please always specify when a donation is for the Angel’s Fund.
  • Checks should be made payable to Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc.
    Our mailing address is 3533 Cherry Creek Road, Valdosta, GA 31605-4538.
    Our cell phone number for texts or calls is 229.560.8180

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