1. First Place Award

2. Second Place Award

3. Third Place Award

4. Leadership Courage Award

5. Entrepreneurship Courage Award

6. Volunteerism Courage Award

7. Animal Rescue Donor Award

8. Animal Rescue Educator Award

9. Animal Rescue Fundraiser Award

10. Animal Rescue Grant Writer Award

11. Animal Rescue Promoter Award

12. Animal Rescue TNR – Trap, Neuter, Release Hero Award

13. Animal Rescue Transporter Award

14. Animal Shelter Courage Award

15. Animal Welfare Advocacy Award

16. Animal Welfare Communications Hero

17. Animal Welfare Communicator Award

18. Betty White Philanthropy Award

19. Corporate Rescue Support Award

20. Government Animal Welfare Hero Award

21. Honorable Mention Award

22. Longest-Serving Nonprofit Animal Rescue Organization Award

23. Most Dedicated Volunteer Award

24. Most Effective Animal Shelter Award

25. Most Improved Animal Shelter Award

26. Nursing Home Animal Rescue Award

27. Outstanding Animal Rescue Educator

28. Outstanding Animal Rescue Financial Manager

29. Outstanding Animal Rescue Leadership Award

30. Outstanding Animal Rescue Lobbyist

31. Outstanding Animal Rescue Promoter

32. Outstanding Animal Rescue Safe-Trapper Award

33. Outstanding Animal Rescue Transportation Coordinator

34. Outstanding Animal Rescue Volunteer Attorney Award

35. Outstanding Animal Shelter Award

36. Outstanding Animal Shelter Volunteer

37. Outstanding Animal Welfare Public Services Officer Award

38. Outstanding Corporate Animal Rescue Support Award

39. Outstanding Rescue Dog Trainer Award

40. Outstanding Government Animal Welfare & Rescue Agency

41. Outstanding New Nonprofit Animal Rescue Organization

42. Outstanding New Rescue Group

43. Outstanding Nonprofit Animal Welfare & Rescue Organization

44. Outstanding Public Services Officer

45. Outstanding Puller From Animal Shelters Award

46. Outstanding Puppy Rescue Hero

47. Outstanding Rescue Activity Manager Award

48. Outstanding Rescue Adoption Coordinator

49. Outstanding Rescue Attorney Volunteer

50. Outstanding Rescue Cash Flow Manager

51. Outstanding Rescue Donor

52. Outstanding Rescue Foster Parent

53. Outstanding Rescue Fundraiser

54. Outstanding Rescue Grant Writer

55. Outstanding Rescue Group

56. Sparkplug Award

57. Outstanding Rescue Lobbyist

58. Outstanding Rescue Promoter

59. Outstanding Rescue Transporter

60. Outstanding Rescue Trapper

61. Outstanding Rescue Veterinarian Award

62. Outstanding Rescue Veterinarian Donor

63. Outstanding Rescue Veterinarian Volunteer

64. Outstanding Spay & Neuter Veterinarian

65. Outstanding Veterinarian Spay & Neuter Hero

66. Outstanding Rescue Volunteer of Money

67. Outstanding Rescue Volunteer of Time

68. Outstanding Resource for Locating Lost Animals Award

69. Outstanding Senior Dog Hero

70. Outstanding Shelter Medical Coordinator

71. Outstanding Shelter Rescue Coordinator Award

72. Outstanding Shelter Volunteer Award

73. Outstanding Transport Coordinator

74. Outstanding Trap, Neuter, Release Hero

75. Outstanding Vetting/Medical Coordinator

76. Outstanding Volunteer Financial Support to Animal Rescue Award

77. Outstanding Volunteer of the Year

78. Outstanding Volunteer of Time to Animal Rescue Award

79. Outstanding Wildlife Rescuer Award

80. People’s Choice Award (Most Votes!)

81. Public Support Award

82. Puppy Rescue Hero Award

83. Rescue Animal Foster Parent Award

84. Rescue Leadership Award

85. Senior Animal Shelter Award

86. Senior Dog Rescue Hero Award

87. Shelter Courage Award

88. Shelter Courage Volunteer