Changing The World, Four Paws At A Time By Alexandra Pauley (Contributing Writer)

Imagine a world in which every animal has a loving home. It’s a beautiful thought, but we’re a long way from seeing it come to fruition. Every day, animal shelters must make the painful decision to euthanize animals which have not been adopted out. The saddest part? It’s completely preventable.

Part of the problem comes from the professional breeding of “Designer Dogs”. When individuals are willing to purchase animals of a specific breed at a premium price, it creates an overflow market of animals in the country. Unwanted animals end up in the shelter and animal welfare systems.

The other part of the problem is owners not spaying and neutering animals, which would keep the population in check. Cost is often a factor in the lack of action taken by animal owners. Those who live paycheck to paycheck may not have the ability to pay for those services after paying their bills, and certainly those homeless individuals who keep dogs and cats with them, can’t afford it.

That’s where The Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc. comes in. When you donate tax-deductible funds to our organization, earmarked for spay and neuter programs, you play an important part in saving animals. No longer will cost be an inhibiting factor for those who face financial hardship. Your support means at least one less animal destined for a shelter.

It’s said that how we treat animals in our society reflects on us as a people. When we value and respect animals for the unconditional love they give us, we flourish in that love. By ensuring their safety, you are showing them love. Please give generously to The Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc., today.

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