Name: Kathy Williams Jones
Story: I met Kathy about 11 years ago when she became a foster for the Animal Refuge Foundation of Wayne County (ARF). At that time ARF removed animals from our local pound and put them in fosters homes the day before they were scheduled to be euthanized. We did not have enough available fosters to save all the animals and sadly left some behind knowing their fate. Kathy, through ARF, started what we called the Last Chance program. She worked tirelessly contacting other rescues, working on volunteer transportation when needed, etc. to save as many animals as she could. This program, although now run independently, still exists today. ARF started a low cost spay and neuter clinic that opened its doors in 2014. Kathy was my co-chair to make this happen. ARF concentrated primarily on animals in Wayne County. Kathy saw the need to also help animals in surrounding counties and realized there was a great need here for an additional rescue so, with ARF's blessings, she began WAGS. Both organizations continue to work together. Kathy dedicates her life to care for animals in need. I do not think there is a more deserving person to be chosen as the "winner" of this contest!

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