Name: Heather Gavitt
Story: Heather Gavitt started South Georgia Equine Rescue (SGER) in 2019. SGER is a 501 © (3) non profit animal rescue. We currently have 12 horses and 70 dogs (60 dogs at the shelter of which 10 are in foster care). SGER started out in 2019 primarily as an Equine rescue but we quickly learned of the immense needs of the community to have a dog rescue. SGER stepped up in a community that does not have an animal control and is one of the poorest counties (Brantley County) in SE Georgia. SGER currently rescues and provides community support services to nine (9) counties in SE GA, (Brantley, Ware, Liberty, Long, Glynn Wayne, Camden, Bacon and Appling). We rely solely on donations and a few grants. We have no paid employees but do have a small group of volunteers. Heather and her daughter, Kaylie work tirelessly day and night to see that the needs of the rescue animals are met. This includes transporting dogs, taking dogs to receive medical care that includes spay/neuter and needed shots. 2022 stats for dogs in this rescue are as follows: 2022 Intakes 233 Dogs with 162 being adopted The majority of funds for SGER is received via donations from supporters SGER does receive a few grants and we are working to find grants to apply for and make application. In addition Heater works with community pets to ensure they have the necessary medical care, including spay/neuter, food and vaccines.

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