Name: Charles DeVane
Story: Often referred to as “Charlie,” by his friends and colleagues, Charles DeVane has dedicated his life to rescuing animals from abuse, neglect, and homelessness. Since he was a young child, Charles has had a tremendous love for animals. Energized by challenges in the world of rescue, and driven by an authentic desire to help, Charles has worked to save animals for decades and has shaped the future for thousands. Charles’ knowledge and experience has been broad and diverse. His experience includes various roles in the rescue arena such as his leadership with his own rescue, helping other rescues, and working with lawyers and lobbyists to implement new animal rights laws into legislature to help prevent human-inflicted suffering and prevent cruelty to animals. Charles designed and built the Quitman, Georgia Animal Shelter and donated the shelter to the city. He founded BARC Humane Society, Inc. and serves as President. BARC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable animal rescue and foster organization. It is made up of a group of community volunteers that rescue abandoned, abused, homeless, lost, neglected, and unwanted dogs and cats from high-kill animal shelters and provide these dogs and cats with medical attention (including sterilization), nutrition, social interaction, development, and loving care in foster homes until they are adopted into forever homes. BARC raises public awareness to the plight of these animals who cannot speak for themselves by educating the public regarding overpopulation, the physical and emotional care of their pets, and promoting spay/neuter of all pets. Charles serves as the Area Director of GERL Georgia Equine Rescue League, the President, Cofounder, and Education Coordinator of the Georgia Pet Coalition, the past President of the Lowndes County, Georgia Humane Society, and is a Board Member of the Lowndes County, Georgia Humane Society. From this extraordinary breadth of experience that has touched nearly every aspect of rescue, Charles applies perspective and insight to saving animals and managing his own animal rescue, BARC Humane Society, Inc. Charles works in the trenches, boots on the ground, and goes wherever he needs to go to rescue animals in critical situations. He helps other rescue organizations as well as individuals needing financial assistance to care for their pets, and his financial contributions and donations of his own money have been enormous. In partnership with Paws and Play Animal Shelter in Quitman, Georgia, he transports dogs to Maine, New Hampshire, and Florida, he pays for vetting of these animals, and he recently purchased a transport bus. Valued particularly as a good, honest, and hardworking man, Charles lives and manages from the philosophy that “from all adversity comes strength and wisdom.” Charles’ mission is to eliminate overpopulation which leads to needless euthanasia. His goals are to rescue every animal in need and provide them with food, water, medical care, and love. His vision is that every dog has a home with a kind and loving forever family. “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” (Anatole France)

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