Name: Heather Gavitt
Story: Heather Gavitt would fight a freight train to save an animal. She has a heart of gold and a mouth like a sailor. She's there to help the neglected abused and thrown-away animals. She's there for the animals that can't catch a break, if no one wants to take a chance on them, she is there to love them and care for them until the end if necessary. She is a remarkable woman that gives all she has to save a life. We've all seen her efforts to save an animal that has run out of chances. She cries then wipes away the tears and keeps on fighting. She will even save cats when necessary because they are living things. And I love cats, never meet Heather but she found a dog for my daughter. That makes her special to me. Please help Heather. She can't do it all on her own. Help her help animals that will not have a prayer without her.

1 Year
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