Submission #5348 | Name: Ashley Frazier
Story:Xena was pointed in my direction as an urgent case to find a safe home in 2017. Little is known about her past except she was a farm dog who endured a lot. As a result of their divorce, they no longer wanted her and without anyone stepping up in this small town without a shelter, she risked being put down. Working with a team of volunteers, she was transported to South Georgia to live with me. Though our intention at first was to foster, my husband quickly fell in love with her and our home became her forever home. Xena has come a long way since settling in our home. Of her most recent accomplishments, she was a therapy dog volunteer at the 22 Special Olympics locally. When we volunteer, it provides a chance for others to receive pet therapy and we use it as an avenue to tell her story and raise awareness for adoption. All dogs have a story to tell, and we are glad to be part of her story and get to share us.

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