Submission #5518 | Name: Andrea Bausch
Story:My now fiancé and I had both fostered and rescued dogs growing up. One summer Tara Parker, then with USA rescue team, called and asked if we could foster a dog together just for a couple days after a rough spay. Of course we said no problem! As soon as we met Sweetie (now scout) we knew it was over. She was curious, floppy, and just made our lives better! The thought of her getting adopted by someone else made us cry. So we foster failed! When we moved to Charlotte a couple years ago, we though Scout might be lonely, so we contacted rescues, went to shelters, etc. South Charlotte Dog Rescue was kind enough to bring 3 fosters to our home to meet Scout and the family. One, Mykonos (now Harper) had to be carried in because she was usually frightened of strangers. She ran right up to my fiancé, then to Scout, and the rest was history. We adopted her on the spot and never looked back! We don’t have a lot of space in bed these days, but the cuddles are absolutely worth it.

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