Prudence GurnickOur journey started about a year ago, we found a very young kitten (days old) reached out to the humane society for help on caring for this precious baby, Since I had never done this before I was willing and eager to learn. Because this kitten was so young and would require tube feeding Emily and I agreed she would care for this baby, I said " I want to help, teach me" that was all she needed to hear. In place of this kitten Emily gave me "Ella" she was older but still needed lots of attention and care. I learned how to bottle feed her and really did everything a momma cat would do. We had Ella about 4 months and she found her furever home. What a rewarding and proud moment this was when I handed Ella to her new parents who I knew would love and protect her. I have since taken 4 additional kittens one was pulled from a feral colony with an injured eye, his name is Bo(pictures attached). I also spend time at the office cleaning up after cats, doing laundry and basically whatever is needed. This has been so extremely rewarding experience, I love being able to help these cats who may otherwise have been forgotten.4356
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