Thank you everyone who has made a nomination for our Animal Welfare Heroes, 2022 Contest

I wish to thank everyone who has made a nomination for our Animal Welfare Heroes, 2022 Contest.

In reviewing the nominations, I have a few observations. Many nominations do not explain why they are nominating someone. This is important. Please amend your nomination if this applies to you.

Also, we will need the telephone number and email address of the person nominated. In many cases, we do not have this information. Please provide it.

At the end of the contest, on March 1, 2022, we will be contacting nominees to encourage them to provide additional details to us for the benefit of our three independent judges. I want everyone to have a fair opportunity in this contest. We also hope to later tell the stories of these nominees in the media.

If you should need assistance supplementing your nominations, please send an email to, and copy me with your email at

Finally, I wish to thank everyone for participating in this contest. It is seldom that our Animal Welfare Heroes receive recognition, and this contest aims to publicize the efforts of those who work diligently to save the lives of innocent animals.

As a reminder, you can nominate five different individuals for this contest.

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