It Takes A Village in Animal Welfare

It takes a village in Animal Welfare to save the lives of animals in our community, and to pull them from the streets, unprofessional breeders, and the Animal Shelter.  With the high demand for “designer hybrid dogs,” (Please Google this term!) and inadequate spaying and neutering in our community, creating an oversupply of Shelter/Rescue animals, and a weakening of demand for mixed-breed dogs, a wonderful group of people pull together to save as many of the precious darlings, dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens as we can!

My dear friend, Tara B. Parker, the previous executive director of our local Humane Society, stated on Facebook that she wanted to thank a list of people for a successful outcome for a project we worked on together.

Tara thanked the family of rescuers, fosters, adopters, transporters, givers, doers, and advocates. I would add the Animal Shelter, and county government to the list. Yes, there are many roles to play in Animal Welfare.  Many people are supportive of the Animal Welfare community!  Numerous people are unrecognized, except within our Animal Welfare community.  Many of these folks have been doing this work, selflessly, for years!

I have only met some of the many wonderful volunteers on the front lines in and around Lowndes County who are committed to Animal Welfare. There are dedicated people across the State of Georgia, and this nation, and for that matter, around the world. I would include Tara B. Parker, Jackie Shoemaker, Candas A. Bennett, Michelle Lane Dupree, to name only a few of the folks in Lowndes County, Tift County, and Echols County.  There are many others!

I have much to learn, and many people to meet and learn from on my journey to aid animals through the Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc. ( These volunteers donate their time and financial resources to the cause of animals who count on us to speak for them, and to pull them from death row!  Please help as may be within your ability.  Fosters, adopters, transporters, sponsors, and donors are all needed. No financial contribution is too small!

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