Pets: A Chameleon Story

by Alexandra Pauley

When you think of dogs and cats, your mind might conjure up images of fuzzy balls of lazy bones, or excited tennis ball chasers, but really, they’re chameleons. Like any good shapeshifter, they’re ready for what comes next.

Cats don’t just groom themselves and sunbathe- they’re natural pest controllers. Rodents and reptiles, beware! If they made capes for animals, cats would be top of the list on this one. Let’s not forget either, that they’re masters at cuddling. Just try being depressed with a bundle of purring fur laying across your chest.

As for our canine friends, not only are they typically “best friends” with people upon meeting, but they can be trained as Service Animals for those who are blind, disabled, or have other special needs. They’re often used in military and law enforcement organizations, and have become so important, they’re given accolades when they do something extraordinary!

Animals are also world-class therapists. They never interrupt the most important part of your story, or let you cry alone. They give of themselves completely and are always in the moment. Especially when that moment involves food. Got to love them.

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