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Lowndes County Shelter Stats 2022

Offered By The Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc.

Valdosta, GA: In the first six months of 2022, the Lowndes County Animal Shelter received 1,834 dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens. Of that number, 1,177 were strays, and owners surrendered 349. The remaining 92 pets were surrendered by owners who requested that they be euthanized. Twenty-six percent, that is, 480 pets, were not reunited with their owner or adopted but were euthanized.

Lowndes County, the most populous county in South Georgia, is working on a blueprint for responsible growth, community well-being, and success in all categories. It is time for an equally progressive dog and cat spay/neuter ordinance.

A county-wide spay/neuter mandated ordinance would help to curb the terrible statistics and skyrocketing costs of unwanted animals who end up in shelters or are euthanized. The Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc. is working on an ordinance for presentation to the Lowndes County Commission.

There is also some good news! Because of the hard work of caring shelter staff, volunteers, and area animal rescue organizations coordinating to save as many pets as possible, 615 animals, or 33.5%, were saved by being “pulled” from the shelter. Owners were reunited with 163 animals, and 278 fortunate pets were adopted.

Working together, we can establish Lowndes County as a Georgia leader in spay/neuter policy management. Special thanks to Shelter Director Ms. Linda Patelski for making statistics publicly available. To view statistics for 2019 through June 2022, visit www.BurtonFletcherFoundation.org, under News/Lowndes County Animal Shelter.

About The Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc.: The Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc. was founded by Burton Fletcher, a retired professor of business administration and emeritus attorney. The Burton Fletcher Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to rescuing injured, abused, abandoned, and feral animals in South Georgia and Northcentral Florida. We support organizations, charities, and residents who treat animals with dignity and respect and provide affection, care, and a safe refuge to animals in need during their journey to forever homes. Your tax-exempt contributions make our mission possible.

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