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Happy Holidays! Rescue Pets Photo Contest 2023 Contest Hosted By The Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc

Valdosta, GA: The Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc., www.BurtonFletcherFoundation.org, is thrilled to host its Third Annual “Happy Holidays! Rescue Pets Photo Contest!”

This contest is national in scope, and the spirit of this holiday-themed event is Celebration of Rescue Animals during the Holidays, so grab a camera and your rescue animal and start snapping some great photographs!

The enclosed photograph was the winner in First Place last year. The First Place Winner was Julie Dykes of Valdosta, with a beautiful, carefree Christmas portrait of her rescue dog, Indy. In Second Place was Ashley Frazier from Valdosta with her colorful photo of her dog, Xena, posing in front of the family Christmas tree. Jacqueline Prine of Atlanta, Georgia, and her white kitty, Peach, were in third place. She won for her image of a dog on a present. Her picture was clear, crisp, and met the theme.

Entries will be accepted until noon EST on December 20, 2023. Amateur and professional photographers are welcome to submit photographs in two separate categories. All animals must be rescued from animal shelters, animal rescue organizations, the streets, and other similar situations. Fosters are also eligible.

Winners in first, second, and third place will receive a beautiful graffiti dog art piece that was very popular in the organization’s earlier Patriotic Rescue Pet Photo Contest this June and July 2023.

Burton Fletcher advised entrants to review pictures submitted in previous contests to see the high-quality photographs of the winners and the importance of following the contest theme to celebrate the holiday theme. Past contests can be found at A photo of last year’s winners is included, and pictures from previous year’s contest entries can be seen at https://www.burtonfletcherfoundation.org//happy-holidays-rescue-pets-photo-contest-2/.

Winners and qualifying participants will receive beautiful certificates in recognition of their winning participation, including a People’s Choice award and Honorable Mention awards.

See the website for full details at www.BurtonFletcherFoundation.org. There are two categories in this contest: amateur and professional. The foundation requests a $25.00 entry fee to defray contest expenses and further its heroic mission as a nonprofit dedicated to saving the lives of innocent animals in need. All animals in this contest must have been adopted from an animal shelter, animal rescue organization, or in other circumstances of distress. Fosters are eligible for this contest.

Senior Judge Mr. Javon Longieliere, CPP, Photographic Cr, of Javon Longieliere Photography, is judging this contest, https://www.longieliere.com/, Valdosta, Georgia, 770- 715-4410. Mr. Longieliere is an award-winning national photographer based locally in our community. Mr. Longieliere is a Certified Professional Photographer, one of approximately 2,500 worldwide. He also possesses the Photographic Craftsman degree, earned by educating many others in photography.

Sponsors for this contest include Prof. Burton Fletcher, JD, MBA (Ret.), Emeritus Attorney, founder, and president of the Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc.; Mike Lee of Lee & Associates, Accountants, Philip Gutherie of Colson Printing; Company, Attorney Tim Conlon, Conlon Law Group, providing mobile closing attorneys. across Georgia; DesignMaze, website developers and technology experts; and Johnny Dukes, CPA of Brandon, Rackley & Dukes.

Profiles of our sponsors are presented on our website at: https://www.burtonfletcherfoundation.org//our-sponsors/. The foundation could not hold our contests without the support of our sponsors, and we encourage the public to support their businesses.

About The Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc.: Founded and presided over by Prof. Burton Fletcher, J.D., MBA (Ret.), the Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc., is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to advocacy for animals in need, reducing the euthanasia numbers in the Lowndes County Animal Shelter, and obtaining a “no-kill shelter” in Lowndes County.

Mayor Scott James Matheson honored the foundation earlier this year with a proclamation recognizing the many contributions of the foundation in its work as an advocate for animals in the Lowndes County Animal Shelter, promoting the importance of spaying and neutering laws, and as an advocate for the seldom recognized animal rescue volunteers and rescue organizations across North Florida and South Georgia that pull a great many animals from the animal shelters, thereby saving the lives of innocent animals, resulting in a reduction in the euthanasia statistics. Since 2000, Lowndes County has killed nearly 100,000 animals in the Lowndes County Animal Shelter alone due to irresponsible animal owners and the failure of Lowndes County to pass and enforce strict animal control regulations. Your tax-deductible contributions and sponsorships make our mission possible.


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