The WINNER of BFFA People’s Choice Award is:


Congrats to Mr. Uwy Cat AND to the Greater Valdosta United Way!

Congratulations, Uwy

The Greater Valdosta United Way (GVUW) entered their amazing office coworker into the 2022 Patriotic Rescue Pets Photo Contest for the Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals.

Mr. Uwy Cat also happens to be a blind cat- named after the United Way. He’s clearly the hardest working staffer – proven by the fact that he’s the first at the office each morning & stays the longest each day – and is even found working hard weekends & holidays too!

Not only did Uwy receive the most votes for the People’s Choice by viewers, Uwy also won a “Compelling Story” award based on his inspirational tale.

You “see,” Uwy was born blind, without eyes, & was found as an abandoned cat in August 2019.

In spite of these obstacles, Uwy embraced his uniqueness, and charged forward – working as a community advocate for both nonprofits AND as an ambassador for his fellow rescued-fur-friends. He personifies the proof that abandoned, adopted, and even “less than perfect rescues” can be impactful contributors, and, yes, even leaders, in a community.

The legacy of community-service & hard work which is exemplified by the United Way is well-known in our region for their life-changing impacts —- particularly for our nonprofits who oftentimes struggle to improve lives and make big changes for important causes. The United Way helps make these life-changing programs happen.

We appreciate these achievements, yet, some people may not be as familiar with Uwy’s important role in the United Way’s impacts in our area.

However, just one visit to the GVUW will “open your eyes” to the furry coordinators of the best “meet/greet-team” in the philanthropic world of work, happening now, in your community:

Uwy & Lady – the cat & dog team-members at GVUW.

(They don’t like to brag, but they are probably the cutest, happiest, & most loved staffers of all. And they are definitely the best tail-waggers – hands down.)

According to coworkers:

“Uwy amazes us the way he can get around the office. He loves having visitors and is very confident about his surroundings. He loves to go outside on a leash and we take him out as often as we can.”

Anytime you are needing some encouraging smiles & the very best office-greeters’ welcome, take a minute to stop by the GVUW office, and let Mr. Uwy Cat & Ms. Lady Dog brighten your day and tell you all about the hard work your United Way is doing to improve our community.

Written by:
Tara B Parker

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