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The Patriotic Rescue Pets Photo Contest!

Hosted and Sponsored by The Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc.

Sponsored By The Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc.

Valdosta, GA:  Today, the Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc. announced the conclusion of their nationwide Patriotic Rescue Pets Photo Contest! The Fourth of July-themed contest started on June 1 and ended on June 30, 2022. The foundation offered $1000.00 in prizes that were split between the winners and animal rescue organizations. This contest is an opportunity for foster parents and adopted animal owners to share the love of their pets while raising awareness of animals in need. More details are on the website at

In First Place is Christine Staron winning $500.00 with half going to her animal rescue organization: BARC Humane Society.

In Second Place is Julie Dykes receiving a $300 award, with half of the prize going to her animal rescue organization: Humane Society of Valdosta/Lowndes County.

In Third Place is Jeremy Stake receiving $200 with half going to Shady Owl Ranch Rescue.

In addition, President and Presiding Director Burton Fletcher awarded the following to:

Rebekah Harp – President’s Personal Choice Award and Compelling Story Award, and Kelly Shoemaker – President’s Personal Choice Award. Each President’s Personal Choice Award winner will receive a $100 donation to their charity.

The Greater Valdosta United Way will receive $100 for the People’s Choice Award and the Compelling Story Award for their fantastic story and photo of their favorite office worker. Linda Mathews also won a Compelling Story Award.

Honorable Mention Awards were given as follows: Brent Cartwright, Donna C. Clark, Haylee Denton, Beth Fields, Prudence Gurnick, Beth Hall, Linda Mathews, Michelle Ryder, and Jana Tullock.

Contributor Awards were presented to Amy McClure and Jeana Strickland.

Judges for this contest were: Ally Orenstein – Interior designer with Susan B. Bozeman Designs; As a recent UGA graduate, her senior exhibition was on animal shelter designs. Husband and wife artists Evelyn Davis-Walker and Steven Walker are professional artists and animal lovers. Both have received multiple national awards in recognition for their mixed-media contributions. Mr. Javon Longielier, Javon Longieliere Studio is an award-winning professional photographer located in Valdosta, GA

Guiding the contest, Ms. Tara B. Parker was a Supervising Director for this contest. Tara said, “My biggest goal is to reduce the practice of euthanasia drastically. We can do this by reducing overpopulation. This is accomplished through spay/neuter services & reduction in breeding – planned or “accidental.”

The Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals has gained a following from many animal activists in the area and looks forward to more growth in the coming years. Burton Fletcher, a retired full professor of business administration and emeritus attorney, is the president and a supervising director of the Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals; they said, “We wish to promote adopting from animal shelters and animal rescue organizations instead of buying animals. We have far too many animals entering our animal shelters due to a lack of responsible spaying and neutering by negligent owners only to be euthanized due to a lack of homes for them.”

The Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc. wishes to thank its generous photo contest sponsors: Tim Conlon of the Conlon Law Group, Clarence Spires of ReMax Realty, Dr. Michael A. Delaney, DVM, of Azalea City Animal Hospital, and Mr. Art Rush of Berry Global and Mr. John Dukes, CPA of Brandon, Rackley & Dukes, CPAs, Valdosta.

About The Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc.: The Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to supporting animal rescue organizations that rescue injured, abused, abandoned, and feral animals in South Georgia. We help organizations, charities, and residents treat animals with dignity and respect and provide affection, care, and a safe refuge to animals in need during their journey to forever homes. Your tax-exempt contributions make our mission possible.

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