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What Are The Five Compelling Priorities Of
The Burton Fletcher Foundation For Animals?

Prof. Burton Fletcher, J.D., MBA (Ret.), Emeritus Attorney
President, Founder, & Executive Director, Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc.

The Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals has the following Five Compelling Priorities.

01. Zealous Advocacy for Animals in Lowndes County

Our First Compelling Priority is to be a zealous advocate for animals at the Lowndes County Animal Shelter, reporting the quarterly and annual intake, adoption, and euthanasia statistics. We advocate for specific issues, a defined plan, and time frame accountability that will result in a “no-kill” shelter for Lowndes County, described as 90% or higher live outcomes.

02. Compelling Priority is the Promotion of Adoption Over the Purchase of Animals

The Second Compelling Priority is to promote the best practice of adopting rescue animals instead of purchasing dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens, often from individuals who overbreed animals with little concern for the health of those animals. The public can only adopt a certain number of animals at any one time, leaving a continual surplus of adoptable animals that shelters must euthanize. Every animal purchased from a backyard breeder places an animal at the Shelter in dire need of a home and at high risk of selective euthanasia.

03. Promotion of Spaying and Neutering of Animals/Low-Cost Services

Our Third Compelling Priority is to promote the spaying and neutering mandates of animals by persuading our county government to endorse laws that regulate backyard and professional breeders. Spaying and neutering would reduce the breeding population and the continuous inflow of unwanted animals into the Lowndes County Animal Shelter. Animal regulation is the only solution to minimize euthanasia statistics in Lowndes County.

Additionally, we ask Lowndes County to provide appropriate financial resources to eligible residents, enabling them to access free or low-cost spaying and neutering services. Financial support and free or income-based services encourage citizens, especially low-income families, to sterilize pets before they become pregnant or mate, increasing the birthrate of unwanted animals. 

04. Provide Publicity and Promotion for Animal Rescue

Our Fourth Compelling Priority is to provide publicity and promotion for individuals and organizations in Animal rescue through news articles, contests, and community involvement. Such positive educational promotion informs the public about the availability of animal rescue organizations for fostering, adoption, volunteering, and donation opportunities. 

05. Honor and Promotion of Animal Welfare Heroes

Our Fifth Compelling Priority is to honor exceptional Animal Rescue individuals across South Georgia through our annual Animal Welfare Heroes Contests, commencing each January 1st. The Burton Fletcher Foundation has completed successful contests creating significant publicity for participants and participating animal rescue organizations. These contests generate positive publicity for the Burton Fletcher Foundation, its goals, Five Compelling Priorities, the award winners, and our sponsors, who are named and promoted in our press releases.

Our annual Animal Welfare Heroes Contest is open to animal rescue volunteers, animal rescue organizations, and animal shelters across South Georgia. We created this contest because these dedicated and giving volunteers, who have an extraordinary commitment to animals, have seldom or never received awards or other recognition from government officials. It is a small step toward the need for a powerful remedy to address the vast injustice resulting from government agencies taking animal rescue volunteers and organizations for granted. It is inherent in our Fifth Compelling Priority that the Burton Fletcher Foundation will seek fair treatment of animal rescue volunteers and their rescue organizations. These individuals and organizations sacrifice countless hours, compassion, and personal finances for the animals in their care.

Our foundation slogan perfectly describes our role as a non-profit organization in Animal Rescue. Our motto is: “We are a little charity, doing big things, with great heart!”™ We believe so compellingly in our motto that we trademarked it with the U.S. Patent Office.

The Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals’ Needs:

The Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals needs volunteers and financial assistance through monthly and annual donations. We need sponsors and directors who can obtain working capital for our foundation’s growth and provide leadership to aid our foundation to continue to develop.

Please help our mission. Please make donations through, or contact Burton Fletcher directly by email,, or cell phone at 229.560.8180 or Facebook Messenger, “Burton Fletcher.” Donors may mail a check to the Burton Fletcher Foundation directly at 3533 Cherry Creek Road, Valdosta, GA 31605. Donations are tax-deductible since we are a 501(c)(3).

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